Stainless Steel 410 timber screws Type 17

· Small countersunk head with milling ribs: Milling ribs ensure effective milled recessing of the head in the material, No pre-drilling or pre-countersinking required, Flush countersinking

· Cutting point: Pre-drills and minimises splitting of the material, Immediate screw start

Additional information


#6 ~ #18, 3.5 ~ 8.0mm


SS304, SS316, SS410 etc.

Head Type

Flat, countersunk, oval hrad

Drive Type

Phil, Torx, slotted, Phil & Slotted combination, Hex Socket




Zinc plated(clear/bule/yellow), black/grey phosphate, nickel, ruspert, painted


Bulk in cartons (25kg Max.) + wooden pallets or according to customer demand.


Structural steel industry, Metal building industry, Mechanical equipment industry, Automobile industry, etc.

Stainless Steel 410 timber screws Type 17

This decking screw is also called wood screw. Our stainless steel 410 screws do not oxidize and are extra hardened by a special heat treatment. As a result, the chance of them breaking is virtually nil. Pre-drilling in soft wood is a thing of the past thanks to the handy cutting tip. The cutting ribs of the chipboard screws make screwing in easier. The tension of the screw also decreases, so that it remains stronger. For hardwoods such as oak, Garapa hardwood, Kapur and Red Cedar, you always choose our stainless steel screws for Oak and Garapa hardwood. These are specially protected against extreme tannic acids.

Stainless steel A2 quality screws break regularly because the material is softer than galvanized chipboard screws. Due to the stainless steel 410 quality, the screws are just as strong as galvanized steel screws. Fix tightly in the wood and can therefore handle heavier constructions. For example, this chipboard screw is suitable for hanging brackets that carry heavy items from wooden structures.

the top manufacturer of BI-METAL SCREW in China

Fastener SS304/SS316 Body + SS410/420/CS Point, Self Drilling/Tapping Roofing Bi-Metal Screw with SS EPDM Washer

Our bi-metal screw is made by welding stainless steel together with SS420 or carbon steel.

Its head and body is composed of 300 series stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and its point is composed of SS420 or carbon steel hardened for self-drilling and self-tapping.

Our sharp point bi-metal screw drill capacity is up to 1mm+1mm galvanized steel plate without pre-dirlling, which improves work efficiency for projects.

You will see from videos of:

· How is bi-metal screw made

· How bi-metal screws are tested


The SuperFix Bi-metal Screws are well tested such as:
· Hardness
· Torque test
· Wring Force
· Tensile Strength
· The shear stress
· Extraction resistance and pull through
· Coating thickness SST (up to 1500 hrs)

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  2. Hex washer head Bi-metal screw with A2 bonded washer drill point
  3. Wafer head Bi-metal self drilling screw ruspert coated 500hrs
  4. CSK head Bi-metal Tek self drilling screw ruspert coated

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