About SuperFix

The Team


Founded in 2011 our factory started its main products stainless steel screws with SUS410 for construction project.
Over the past decade, we have planted ourselves firmly in the stainless steel screws market through extending its wide range of products with different raw material as SS410, SS304, SS316 etc.
Along with an extensive list of stainless screws, we offer the complete line of stamping parts with parts of laser cutting for assembling with screws since 2015.
We are not just screws experts, our steel fabrication capabilities have enhanced our ability to design and manufacture new products and components.
Through this, we established its own trading compay as Jiaxing SuperFix Metal Co.,Ltd in 2021 for worldwide fastener business.

We have built an empire mainly on screws. Stars within our product range are our stainless steel screws.

  • Chipboard screw
  • Decking screw
  • Wood construction screw
  • Tek screw
  • Roofing screw
  • Farming screw
  • Timber screw
  • Cement screw
  • Self drilling screw
  • Self tapping screw
  • Presses from 35 tons to 400 tons
  • Punching, Metal Stamping
  • Precision Sheet Metal 
  • Metal Bending and Forming
  • CNC secondary machining processes
  • Laser cutting
  • Surface grinding
  • Powder coating

Over 7,000m² of manufacturing and packaging space.

Need your products bagged? Need it packed to a specific box quantity? No problem, we can package it for you and with private label.